Bad Ben Feature Films

Bad Ben (2016)
Directed by Nigel Bach and starring Nigel Bach. Tom Riley thinks he got the deal of a lifetime when he bought a house at...
Bad Ben 02: Steelmanville Road (2017)
Steelmanville Road is a prequel to Bad Ben. Rachael Harris and her husband Matt move into their new home, only to experi...
Bad Ben 03:  Badder Ben (2017)
A group of paranormal investigators discovers Tom Riley is still alive and bribes him into coming back to the Steelmanvi...
Bad Ben 04: The Mandela Effect (2018)
In 2016, the horror Tom Riley experienced was captured on 21 security cameras. Tom now finds himself caught in parallel ...
Bad Ben 05: The Crescent Moon Clown (2018)
Unexplained things start happening when the new owners of Steelmanville Road are on vacation and their college-age daugh...
Bad Ben 06: The Way In (2019)
Yet another new owner has taken possession of the house on Steelmanville Road, and she hires Tom Riley to ensure the hou...
Bad Ben 07: The Haunted Highway (2019)
Tom Riley takes a job working for Drop-U-Off, a ride-sharing company, and finds himself the driver of choice for a myste...
Bad Ben 08: Pandemic (2020)
The world has been brought to its knees by the pandemic, and individuals worldwide seek Tom Riley's advice as to whether...
Bad Ben 09: Benign (2021)
The pandemic is in retreat, and Tom returns to the home he owns again on Steelmanville Road, but things are different
Bad Ben 10: Eulogy (2022)
Tom Riley is dead. Video podcaster Jackson Scott is reflecting on his life and death and assembling a broadcast after re...
Bad Ben 11: Undead (2022)
Bad Ben: Undead is the latest and greatest entry in the most ambitious Bad Ben yet. A zombie apocalypse has begun, and T...
Bad Ben 12: Alien Agenda (2023)
After a brief alien abduction, Tom and Jackson escape only to find out two alien species are on the brink of war and ear...